Ticino landscape, 1925


Werner Neuhaus, who was one of the founders of the Rot-Blau artist group, spent the summer of 1925 with Paul Camenisch, Hermann Scherer and friends in Castel San Pietro in Mendrisiotto and painted several large-format Ticino landscapes.
In a letter to his girlfriend and future wife Hedwig (called Hede) Gfeller, he describes the view from his window in Castel San Pietro, which he presumably depicted in this landscape: "View from the desk over the whole of Mendrisiotto as far as Italy; right a huge green mountainside, mountains behind and on the side.


Werner Neuhaus, Ticino Landscape, 1925

Kunstmuseum Basel, online collection http://sammlungonline.kunstmuseumbasel.ch/eMuseumPlus 04.09.2019

Werner Neuhaus | Ticino landscape