Pencil and white chalk drawing on toned paper. The toned paper does its work and reflects the color of the leopard's fur, that it seems to "grow out" of the paper. Despite the black dots on the fur the animals outlines are worked out softly.

Tina Ibounig | Leopard

  • Passion for art, especially for drawing has developed since childhood. For that reason I decided to attend education as engraver at the "Fachschule für Kunsthandwerk" at Ferlach, Carinthia/Austria. In 1994 I graduated school with honors..

    I was working as a freelance engraver for many years. Drawing, attention to detail, accuracy and patience are essential for this profession. All these aspects are reflected in my artwork.
Most of my works are created in a naturalistic style. Attention to detail is important to me, nevertheless I do not want to create a hardcopy of the original. Muchmore I am trying to express a certain atmosphere which I can see in my mind.
I am preferably using pencils and colored pencils for my drawings. Sometimes I try out different drawing tools like ballpoint pens, fine liner pens, charcoal, chalk, pastels, brush pens, etc. There are many possibilities and ideas. From time to time I am painting with water colors and acrylics to try out different styles.
I love drawing individual portraits by using a photo as template. During intense observation of the photo, I am trying to figure out how to represent the shown person. I try to express the picture which I can see infront of my eyes.

    Even though I am now working with joy in a commercial occupation my passion for art and drawing still remains. Right now I am on parental leave and in times of corona lockdowns I dedicate myself more and more to my greatest passion. As an independent artist I want to build up a second mainstay.