Homage a Bleriot, 1914


In terms of motif, the painting is inspired by the countless visits by the technology-loving artist to Buc Airport near Marseille. Delaunay dedicated it to the aircraft designer Louis Blériot, the handwritten name on the lower edge of the picture reads: "'premiers disques solaire simultané forme' au grand constructeur Blériot 1914 DELAUNAY". The inscription also indicates that the painting belongs to the series of "Disques" (panes). These are based on an analysis of Michel Eugène Chevreul's color theory, the laws of simultaneous and complementary contrasts.


Robert Delaunay, Hommage a Bleriot, 1914

Kunstmuseum Basel, online collection http://sammlungonline.kunstmuseumbasel.ch/eMuseumPlus 04.09.2019

Robert Delaunay | Hommage a Bleriot