About a motif from Hammamet, 1914


The painting varies a motif that Paul Klee came across during his travels to Tunisia and that shows the coastal town of Hammamet. Like the works "Motif from Hammamet" (1914, 48) and "Abstraction of a motif from Hammamet" (1914, 49), the Basel oil painting goes back to the watercolor "Hammamet with the mosque" (1914, 199), which was still in Tunisia should have been carried out himself. The other works mentioned, however, are abstract impressions of the city. In the Basel picture, the oil paint - like the watercolors - was applied as a glaze.


Paul Klee, On a Motif from Hammamet, 1914

Kunstmuseum Basel, online collection http://sammlungonline.kunstmuseumbasel.ch/eMuseumPlus 14.02.2018

Paul Klee | About a motif from Hammamet