Woman's Staircase, 1925


The painting belongs to the group of "gallery images" that Oskar Schlemmer created while working at the Bauhaus in Weimar. Schlemmer notes in his diary entry of Jan. 29, 1928 that "Frauentreppe" suggests an "inclination towards the Baroque" The painting was in the collection of the Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim from 1927. It was confiscated there by the National Socialists in 1937 and shown at the "Degenerate Art" exhibition in Munich. With the help of a special loan from the Basel government, "Frauentreppe" was acquired for the Basel Art Museum. The group of "gallery pictures" so called by Schlemmer also includes the painting "Five Figures in Space, Roman" in the Kunstmuseum Basel.


Oskar Schlemmer, Frauentreppe.


Kunstmuseum Basel, online collection http://sammlungonline.kunstmuseumbasel.ch/eMuseumPlus 14.02.2018

Oskar Schlemmer | Women's stairs