The Oberhaslital, 1769


The two views of Oberhaslital and Brienzersee (Inv. 1272) are designed as counterparts. The vedute painter Johann Ludwig Aberli reproduced his motifs, which were executed as watercolors and more unusually, as here, as cabinet paintings in oil, which were particularly popular as souvenirs among travelers to Switzerland. He mostly used a technique known as the "Aberlian manner". Here he implemented them in outline etchings. The edition was then colored by hand in the studio. In addition, the Kunstmuseum Bern is preserving a watercolor of the Oberhaslital, which was probably created directly in nature as a template for later elaboration in the studio.


Johann Ludwig Aberli, Das Oberhaslital, 1769

Kunstmuseum Basel, online collection 04.09.2019

Johann Ludwig Aberli | The Oberhaslital