Biedermann received his first drawing lessons from Johann Rudolf Schellenberg in Winterthur. From 1778 he was a student of the landscape and animal painter Heinrich Rieter in Bern. There he initially worked as a drawing teacher and portraitist. Around 1783 he stayed in Lausanne and Geneva. The invasion of the French troops in 1798 forced Biedermann to temporarily interrupt his artistic activity.

From 1796 the main places of the old Confederation were graphically represented in two series of 15 sheets each. In 1801 he stayed for renewed studies in Zurich, 1802 in Paris and from 1802 to 1807 in Konstanz, where he painted portraits and landscapes and was supported by Ignaz Heinrich von Wessenberg.


Johann Jakob Biedermann, lakefront near Lucerne with weeping cattle

Kunstmuseum Basel, online collection. 04.09.2019

Johann Jakob Biedermann | Lakeside near Lucerne with weeping cattle