Sandreuter was Böcklin's closest pupil; some critics accused him of being a Böcklin imitator during his lifetime. He was a representative of fin-de-siècle art and was best known as an artist in Switzerland. On the hundredth anniversary of the anniversary of his death, the Kunstmuseum Basel organized a large overall exhibition in 2001/2002. Sandreuter's oeuvre shows great diversity. In addition to oil and watercolor paintings, he created monumental decorative art. He designed graphic works and glass paintings as well as furniture. Sandreuter was "a committed and critical companion, even partisan of the young art of his generation." Some of the facades and wall decorations he designed are still in place today, for example the facade of the "Bear Guild" and the wall work of the "Blacksmith Guild" in Old Basel.


Hans Sandreuter, A Summer's Day, 1892

Kunstmuseum Basel, online collection 04.09.2019

Hans Sandreuter | A summer day